Marble Polishing


Marble floors are a luxurious, attractive material choice for both domestic and commercial properties, and if you’re somebody that chose to invest in marble, it’s obvious that you care about quality. With having made such a significant investment in a flooring surface, it only stands to reason that you’d be willing to pay for a professional marble polishing service to keep it looking as good as new. At Hollywood Carpet Cleaning Pros, we aren’t just the best carpet cleaning company in Hollywood, FL – we’re also more than capable of carrying out marble polishing as well. Read on below for some reasons you should consider a professional marble polishing service, and why you should consider our team to carry it out.

Practical Benefits
One of the reasons marble is a popular choice is because it’s long-lasting and highly durable – but breakages can happen, and when they do, repairs or replacements tend to be expensive. One of the lesser known advantages of a marble polishing service is that it actually helps to increase the density of the marble floor. Having increased compression strength and surface hardness makes it more resistant to abrasions, scratches, and the impact of falling objects. By taking proactive measures before problems occur, you make it far less likely you’ll be dealing with a costly repair later down the line.

Aesthetic Advantages
If you’ve invested in marble floors, you’re clearly the kind of person that cares about the visual design of your home or business. Marble, like any other surface, still begins to lose some of its luster over the years, and needs maintenance and help to keep it looking its best. Like our carpet or tile and grout cleaning services, our marble polishing provision gives a like-new look for your surface. Polished marble looks shiny and fresh, and this clean aesthetic is certain to last for years before you see any new signs of wear and tear.

Maintenance Matters
As mentioned previously, this polished look that you’ll gain through our services is likely to withstand the pressures of life for years – but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to carry out any maintenance at all going forward. However, this maintenance is limited to light cleaning with water and perhaps neutral cleaners using mops – as a well-polished marble surface is resistant to skid marks, stains, and oil marks – no specialist cleaners or treatments are needed to maintain the polished look in general.

Stain Removals
Of course, it’s possible that your marble floor has already suffered from some kind of stain or blemish that is ruining your room’s carefully crafted aesthetic – and you might not be sure how to handle it. It only takes using the wrong cleaning solution once to make matters worse, and even if you’re picking the right kind of product, something store bought isn’t likely to prove effective. Our industrial grade equipment and cleaning products are more than a match for any stain on your marble, and we always know the proper course of action to take to make sure we get rid of any mark without affecting the marble surface negatively.

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