Tile & Grout Cleaning


Across the homes and businesses of the Hollywood, Florida area, there are tiled floors in entryways, bathrooms, kitchens, and so many more spaces. While tiled floors come with a number of substantial benefits in both practicality and appearance, they can suffer from a bit of a visual blemish when they become marked, or when the grout between the tiles becomes discolored and dirty. A professional tile and grout cleaning service like Hollywood Carpet Cleaning Pros can get your tile installation looking back at 100%, and ensures you’ll be proud of your property’s space going forward. If you’re in need of this kind of service, read on below for some of the benefits of choosing us.

Sparkling Clean
When your tiled floor has been used for several years, it’s simply inevitable that it’ll begin to show signs of that use – and that often manifests in the form of dirty runways between the individual tiles – where the grout is. This brings a pretty obvious ugliness to the space, as when white grout looks dark, there’s no hiding the fact that it’s pure dirt and muck that’s being housed there. By investing in a professional cleaning service, your floor will look like it’s brand new in no time, and that state will persevere for some time before you need a repeat treatment.

More Than Aesthetics
Naturally, if you’re investing in a service like this, you care about how your property’s spaces look, and you want to return your tiled floors to a more aesthetically pleasing condition – but the benefits don’t end there. That dirt and muck in the grouted areas isn’t just unsightly, it’s also a major indicator of bacteria and mold – particularly in tiled floors situated in warm or moist areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Our specialist cleaners and equipment will wipe out these infestations, leaving a clean, practically sterile surface.

Deep Cleaning Power
At Hollywood Carpet Cleaning Pros, we understand that our customers carry out their own cleaning processes, and that these can prove effective for the most part – but for certain jobs there’s nothing that can match up to professional quality. Our specialist equipment and carefully created cleaning products are guaranteed to give a deeper clean to your tiled floors than any store-bought solution or home remedy that you can conjure. We’ll ferret out dirt from the very deepest crevices, and you might be surprised what ‘clean’ really looks like once we’re done, compared with the results of your usual cleaning routines.

Professional Expertise
All our cleaning products are thoroughly tested on different tile and grout surfaces, so there’s no chance of your expensive floor getting damaged during the cleaning process. We understand these floors are often very costly, and the last thing we’d want to do is cause a problem during our service. This is the ideal way to get your floor looking it’s best, and since you’ll have professional stain and odor removal experts on the job, you won’t need to get down on your knees to start scrubbing yourself.

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