Upholstery Cleaning


People often spend thousands of dollars when they invest in furniture for their homes and businesses, and the last thing that they want to do is spend even more on replacing them when they begin to decay and deteriorate. Accidents happen, and when you find a stain or a spill on your upholstery, you need to take decisive action to resolve the situation. At Hollywood Carpet Cleaning Pros, we provide an expert upholstery cleaning service to the Hollywood, Florida community – and we routinely achieve excellent results. If you have any need of an upholstery cleaning service, either read on below, or get in touch with our customer service team.

Professional Equipment
As the premier upholstery cleaning service in the Hollywood, FL area, we’re determined to deliver the highest standard results possible for all your upholstery cleaning needs. We possess top of the range equipment that makes quick work of the stains and odors that blemish your furniture. Using steam cleaning and deodorization techniques, we’ll vanquish any nastiness from your upholstery, returning them to a state that is as good as new. Steam cleaning is an eco-friendly cleansing method that eliminates germs, viruses, mold, allergens, and pet odors – so you can feel total peace of mind that this will prove effective.

Bolster Your Air Quality
When your upholstery has been used for a long time, it begins to hold lots of dust, dirt, allergens, pet hair and odors, and much more. Children, teenagers, and pets all have an impact on your furniture, and while some air fresheners might be able to cover the musty smell temporarily, nothing is as effective as a thorough deep clean from a professional service. While it’s obviously beneficial for you that the furniture will have a more pleasant smell, the advantages extend far beyond that. With a cleaner set of furniture, the air quality in your home will be greatly improved, and this is a significant boon for anybody with breathing conditions like asthma.

Love Your Home
After living in your home for a number of years, it might be hard to notice the slow decline in the quality and aesthetic of your belongings – the shades of our carpets and upholstery do change as they become dirtier. You bought your furniture at least in part because you loved the way it looked, so you shouldn’t settle for an inferior look after they’ve started to decline. By investing in our professional stain and odor removal experts, you’ll get your upholstery back looking at its best and in a state to make you proud of your home.

Proven Quality
Furniture can cost thousands of dollars, and at Hollywood Carpet Cleaning Pros, we understand it might be hard to trust somebody to handle some of your most expensive belongings. Rest assured, we’ll treat your upholstery with the utmost respect, and do everything we can to return it to you in a state that you’ll be thrilled with. We have a proven track record of reliable quality, and you can have peace of mind if you choose to place your trust in us.

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